Special Thanks

Currently in its fourteenth year, the Carroll Round has managed to grow from an ambitious project into the premiere conference for students from across the globe to share their research in international economics. Because this achievement and the conference’s future would not be possible without the support of our donors, faculty, speakers, session chairs, and Georgetown University, the Carroll Round Steering Committee would like to represent those who have committed so much of their time and energy.

We would first like to recognize Mr. Yunho Song, a Georgetown graduate and long-time supporter of the conference who recently established an endowment fund that will partly finance the Carroll Round for many years to come. For his support and extremely generous financial contribution, we and all future participants of the Carroll Round are truly indebted. We thank Ms. Marianne Keler and Mr. Michael Kershow, who have been the primary contributors to and advocates of the Carroll Round since its establishment. Without this support, the Carroll Round would never have achieved fruition or continued for the past nine years. In addition Ms. Keler helped the 2009 conference extend its contact abroad, and for the first time we had two participants from the American University in Bulgaria.

The Carroll Round has been gifted with many other individuals committed to its cause. Therefore, we would also like to recognize Mr. Mario Espinosa, Mr. Oleg Nodelman, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kunkel, and former Carroll Round Steering Committee members Mr. Stephen Brinkmann and Mr. Scott Pedowitz. We express our gratitude to the Kanzanjian Foundation, which provided the start-up funds without which it would have been impossible to develop the Carroll Round Proceedings.

Within Georgetown the conference is indebted to Mr. Thomas Esch, Ms. Carma Fauntleroy, and Ms. Reema Ghazi all of whom have made tireless efforts to advocate the Carroll Round cause from our campus’s development and advancement departments. We are also deeply appreciative of the efforts of Ms. Christine Smith, Dr. Venilde Jeronimo, Ms. Katerina Kulagina, and Ms. Elizabeth Franzino from years past.

Additionally, we would like to recognize those individuals and institutions that have historically been essential to the current status of the Carroll Round. The donations of Mr. Peter Faulkner, Mr. John Kelly, Mr. James Moore, Mr. Philip Vasta, Mr. Geoffrey Yu, and the highly significant contributions from the Sallie Mae Corporation for the first five conferences have made previous endeavors possible and paved the path for future growth.

We would also like to give special recognition to former steering committee members, beyond those already mentioned, who have contributed very generous portions of their post-collegiate income to the Carroll Round after graduation. Therefore, we thank Ms. Stacey Droms, Mr. Brandon Feldman, Ms. Yasmine Fulena, Mr. Christopher Griffin, Ms. Rebecca Heide, Mr. Dennis Huggins, and Mr. J. Brendan Mullen.

Beyond the financial viability of the Carroll Round, the conference also enjoys the grace of many proponents on Georgetown University’s campus to ensure its continuing and vibrant existence. In particular we would like to thank Provost Jim O’Donnell, Dean Carol Lancaster of the School of Foreign Service, Ms. Kendra Billingslea, and Dr. Dan Powers. We would like to recognize Dean Robert Gallucci as well, who supported the development of the Carroll Round from the inception of the conference to his retirement from Georgetown in 2009.

The Carroll Round has been fortunate for the last 12 years to enjoy the substantive quality of the brightest economics undergraduates from across the world. We are particularly grateful to those professors that steer their best students to the Carroll Round, especially Professor Nancy Marion of Dartmouth College and Professor Michael Seeborg of Illinois Wesleyan University.

We also enjoy the professional experience and wisdom of some of the most respected economists in the field. For the Ninth Annual Carroll Round, we were particularly lucky to have presentations from Professor Lant Pritchett of the John F. Kennedy School of Government and Nobel Laureate Robert C. Merton of Harvard Business School, as well as American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar Philip Levy. Also critical to the substantive development of the Carroll Round and our participants’ work is the work of the session chairs that take the time to read participants’ papers and critique their presentations at the conference. We would like to thank the 2010 session chairs for their contributions to the conference: Professor Matthew Canzoneri, Professor Jose Cuesta, Professor Robert Cumby, Professor Raj Desai, Professor Behzad Diba, Professor Rodney Ludema, Professor Charles Udomsaph, Professor Francis Vella, and Professor James Vreeland.

We thank the past Carroll Round Steering Committees, which have shaped and directed the development of the conference into its current status today. We are also indebted to the contributions of the Carroll Round Advisory Panel for their assistance in developing a long-term vision for the Carroll Round and for grounding where the next ten years may take this institution.

Finally, though not least importantly, we would like to express our ever-growing gratitude to Dean Mitch Kaneda, the Carroll Round Faculty Advisor. Without his support, time, and passion, this endeavor would not be possible.