Presentation Schedule

15th Carroll Round *16th Carroll Round Schedule Coming Soon!


Friday, April 22, 9:00 – 11:50 am

Session 1A

Healy 104

Chair: Robert Cumby (Professor, Georgetown University)


Tim Rudner (Yale University)

Bank-Specific Determinants of Realized Bank Risk During the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Discussant: Lilia Chobanova


Lilia Chobanova (American University in Bulgaria)

Bond Yield Determinants and Stock Market Spillover Effects During the European Sovereign Debt Crisis

Discussant: Michael Gill


Michael Gill (University of Warwick)

The Impact of Monetary Policy on the UK Yield Curve

Discussant: Olena Kuzan & Anastasiya Kazhar


Olena Kuzan & Anastasiya Kazar (Stockholm School of Economics in Riga)

Variation of Monetary Transmission over a Financial Cycle: Analysis of the EU Countries

Discussant: Tim Rudner


Session 1B

Healy 105

Chair: Olga Timoshenko (Assistant Professor, The George Washington University)

Former Carroll Round Participant


Serena Gobbi (Georgetown University)

The Economic and Social Determinants of Immigration Attitudes: Does Industry Exposure to Immigration Affect an Individual’s Attitude Toward Immigration?

Discussant: Ahwaz Akhtar


Ahwaz Akhtar (Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Qatar)

Modern Trade Liberalizations: British Corn Laws in Perspective

Discussant: Mason Scott Reasner


Mason Scott Reasner (Vanderbilt University)

Technical Coefficients of Production and the Effective Rate of Protection: An Application to the Interwar U.S.–Cuban Sugar Trade, 1922–1934

Discussant: Robert Scales


Robert Scales (Dartmouth College)

Equity-Market Comovement: The Role of Trade in Synchronizing Stock Markets

Discussant: Serena Gobbi


Friday, April 22, 2:00 ­- 4:00 pm

Session 2A

Healy 103

Chair: Shareen Joshi (Assistant Professor, Georgetown University)


Matthew Waskiewicz (American University)

An Experimental Test of Output Choice on Market Collusion

Discussant: Emily Corning


Emily Corning (Columbia University)

Empirical Model of WIC Infant Formula Contract Rebate Auctions

Discussant: MaryAnne Zhao


MaryAnne Zhao (Georgetown University)

Effect of Caretaker Migration Status on Childhood Educational Attainment in Rural China

Discussant: Matthew Waskiewicz


Session 2B

Healy 105

Chair: Dan Cao (Assistant Professor, Georgetown University)


Yichuan Wang (University of Michigan)

Parameter Learning and the Carry Trade

Discussant: Vanessa Wenye Xiao


Vanessa Wenye Xiao (Vanderbilt University)

Direct Investment Vs M&A in Asia: Applications of Tobin’s Q theory in Asian capital market

Discussant: Omeed Magzhian


Omeed Magzhian (Columbia University)

Sparsity-Based Bounded Rationality and Responses to Anticipated Fiscal Payments

Discussant: Yichuan Wang


Saturday, April 23, 9:00 ­- 11:00 am

Session 3A

Healy 103

Chair: Charles Udomsaph (Visiting Assistant Professor, Georgetown University)


Griffin Cohen (Georgetown University)

Oil and America’s Battle for Supremacy How Price Fluctuations Affect International Clout

Discussant: Querida Qiu


Querida Qiu (University of Chicago)

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect: Regulatory Impact on Dual-Listed Share Premiums

Discussant: Jia Jun Lim


Jia Jun Lim (University of Warwick)

Do Equity Markets Incorporate Bond Market Expectations?

Discussant: Griffin Cohen 


Session 3B

Healy 104

Chair: William Jack (Professor, Georgetown University)


Lukas Bolte (London School of Economics)

Football and Domestic Abuse in Greater Manchester

Discussant: Rachel Anderson


Rachel Anderson (Duke University)

A Household-Level Analysis of the Variation in the Labor Market Positions of Single and Married Turkish Women

Discussant: Felicia Choo


Felicia Choo (Georgetown University)

Missing Women in the Workplace: The Challenge of Retaining Women in Employment Post-Childbirth

Discussant: Lukas Bolte


Saturday, April 23, 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Session 4A

Healy 103

Chair: Anna Klis (Assistant Professor, Northern Illinois University)

Former Carroll Round Participant


Joycelyn Su (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Where Do the Roads Go? Evaluating the Impact of Corruption on Infrastructure Allocation in China

Discussant: Dash Enkhbayar


Dash Enkhbayar (Georgetown University)

Resource Abundance and Landlockedness: Double Curse?

Discussant: Elizabeth Johnson


Elizabeth Johnson (Georgetown University)

The Joint Determinants of Lobbying and Voter Participation: 1999-2014

Discussant: Joycelyn Su


Session 4B

Healy 104

Chair: Christopher Griffin (Assistant Professor, College of William and Mary)

Former Carroll Round Participant


Mihaly Abel (University of Warwick)

“Pretending to be Green”: The Role of Environmental Status Signalling in the Behaviour-Impact Gap Problem

Discussant: Stephanie Kestelman


Stephanie Kestelman (Swarthmore College)

Long-Term Effects of Electricity Rationing on Residential Electricity Consumption: Evidence from Brazil

Discussant: Daniel Watson


Danny Watson (Georgetown University)

Determining the Actual Impacts of Renewable Portfolio Standards: Empirical Findings on In-State, Neighbor-State and Company-Level Production Data

Discussant: Mihaly Abel