Conference Details


The Carroll Round offers 30-40 distinguished seniors from the most selective colleges and universities worldwide unique opportunities to present original economic research and to discuss contemporary policy issues. The conference represents a new students' round of economic discussion and debate in light of the momentous changes that have occurred in the global economy. Conceived entirely by undergraduates and sponsored by Georgetown's Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, the event will resemble a professional conference in form and content. It will focus primarily on participants' submissions followed by discussions addressing leading theories in the discipline, research methodologies and their application to policy-making. Students will have the chance to view policymaking and policymakers in action and interact with distinguished members of the economics community. We hope this conference and the exchange it fosters will embolden students to continue pursuing innovative ideas and rewarding careers in international economics.

Conference Presentation Structure

Student presentations in the Carroll Round will take place in sessions consisting of three or four student participants chaired by a faculty member. The eight sessions will be organized according to broad topical themes in international economics based on applicants' submissions. Possible topics may include:

  • the role of international institutions/organizations in mediating conflict
  • the development of economic theories related to currency unions, exchange rate target zones, coordinated monetary policy, and capital and labor markets
  • the role of international science and technology spillovers in promoting economic growth
  • the positive and negative aspects of capital market liberalization and structural adjustment policies in developing countries.

Three to four presentations will take place per scheduled session. Discussants will be assigned prior to the conference in order to facilitate dialogue. There will be ample time for discussion among session and audience members so that participants will be able to revise and edit their work for the future.

Research Guidelines and Application Procedures

Independent research includes senior theses and major academic projects completed through coursework or job experiences. Submissions, either qualitative or quantitative, should be as scientific as possible. Thus, we ask applicants to submit only papers that would qualify as thesis research. Since student presentations will most likely cover work in progress, participants should benefit greatly from comments and feedback from both experts and fellow students. It is not necessary to submit a completed paper in order to participate, though submitted work must be significant enough for a conference presentation.

Participants will be chosen based on the strength of their research design, general interest in economic studies and academic record. We intend to make decisions on a rolling basis in order to give participating students enough time to make travel arrangements. Therefore, the sooner an application is received, the sooner a decision can be returned.

Travel, Accommodations, and Other Expenses

Funds may be available to cover the cost of transportation to Washington for participants. Several meals and a banquet over the course of the weekend will be included in the participation fee. In addition, the Carroll Round will provide accommodations at a hotel near Georgetown's campus.