A Letter From the Chair

October 9, 2018


On behalf of the entire Carroll Round Steering Committee, I am thrilled to welcome all interested for this year’s Carroll Round. This year will be the eighteenth occurrence of the Carroll Rounds, a four day long international economics conference at Georgetown University. Whether you are intending to apply for the first time or are returning to your second or third Carroll Round, each year is an unique exploration into the intersection of economics and international affairs. The conference provides presenters with exhilarating debates that seek to challenge one’s thinking of international economics.

Georgetown University has found international economics to be an essential portion of its identity. Located in Washington, D.C., the heart of domestic and international economics, great minds are around every corner. Georgetown embraces its key location and devotes a large amount of resources to providing its students with key experiences with international economics. The Carroll Round allows for Georgetown not only to support undergraduate research within its own campus but also internationally.

Every April, the top undergraduate minds in economics from around the world join together at Georgetown to engage in four days of presentations and discussion on various topics of international economics. They present their original research, experiencing the full process of research presentations as they answer challenging questions posed by both their peers and professors. They are able to brush shoulders with renowned economists during the keynote lecture, interacting with both the top policy and theory minds of the world. The Carroll Round truly is an unique opportunity to engage with research hands on.

This year our conference will occur from April 11th to the 14th. During the conference we hope to inspire young economists to continue to follow the passion of economics as well as presenting them with opportunities of growth and learning. We also hope to promote inclusivity and diversity within the field of economics during our conference. Our applications will be going live during November and in the meantime any questions can be directed to our email: carrollround@georgetown.edu

We look forward to welcoming you all soon and to read your hard work! Further information about our conference can be found on this website.

Kind regards,

Meggie Underwood

Chair, 18th Carroll Round Steering Committee